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Reason Synthetic Shingles are Better Than Asphalt Shingles

By : Guillermo Molina Matus

As a homeowner, choosing a quality roof is essential for the safety of everyone and the beauty of the house. The roof is what keeps you and your family safe from the elements, the Sun, bugs, animals, and people.

Asphalt shingles are currently the most popular material due to their affordability. As versatile as they seem, they are not perfect.

Although asphalt shingles are popular, even around Salisbury MD, they are not the most durable materials. Their life span averages 20 -25 years. Shingles are very susceptible to damage from high winds, hail, moss, foot traffic, and the Sun.

Pros of Synthetic Shingles

In Salisbury MD we don’t get much hail compared to other states, but what we do have are trees. Branches, tree trunks, and other debris can potentially cause damage to your traditional asphalt roof. Over time, the shingles will be prematurely worn down, ripped, and torn if constantly exposed to hail or tree debris.

Synthetic shingles, like F-Wave shingles, are stronger and more durable due to being made with commercial-grade TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin). As a result, they have the Class 4 Hailing Resistance Rating. This means that the synthetic shingles can withstand the impact of a 2-inch diameter steel ball dropped from 20 feet in the air.

Due to the composition of synthetic shingles, they are more durable against wind damage. They have a wind rating ranging from Class F Wind Resistance (110mph) up to Class H (150mph). Even if the wind manages to lift the synthetic shingles, since they are made of TPO, it will lay itself back in place.

Around the Eastern Shore Delmarva area, this is very important since we deal with many hurricanes or simply strong winds constantly.

All of F-Wave’s shingles are Class A Fire Rated, which is the highest fire rating that construction products can receive. This means that the synthetic shingles will prevent fire penetrations for up to four hours. We, Salisbury MD, might not have forest fires or wildfires but it might help prevent the spread of an accidental fire.

It is no secret that Asphalt shingles struggle with direct Sun. They even absorb the Sun’s UV rays, making it harder to regulate your house temperature. In addition, constant exposure to the Sun will shorten the lifespan of traditional asphalt shingles.

Synthetic shingles might be darker than asphalt shingles but they are made and designed to reflect the Sun’s UV rays. This means that you will be able to have more control in regulating your home’s temperature. Also, since it was created with TPO, the synthetic shingles will be more resistant to weathering compared to asphalt shingles.

Yes, many houses around the Salisbury MD area have trees around them. Will a tree branch or any other debris that falls on the synthetic shinge cause damage? Yes and no. Synthetic shingles will self-heal. Since it is made of TPO, if heat is applied or the Sun’s UV rays hit the shingles, any scratches or dents will disappear.

Overall, synthetic roofs are a better alternative to asphalt shingles. Yes, they are more expensive but they also have a longer life span.

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