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The Affect of Moss on Your Roof

By : Guillermo Molina Matus

Moss growth on your roof is a serious thing to keep an eye on. Left unattended, moss can spread and cause all kinds of damage. Moss is one of the most common forms of growth on your roof and homeowners should be aware of it just as much as buildup organic matter – such as fallen leaves, twigs, branches, nuts, etc.

Lots of moss on a roof
Moss on shingle roofs

What is Moss?

Moss is a bryophyte that forms from water-based plants. While moss requires water to grow, it cannot grow immersed in water.

Algae grows in water and has no roots, stems, or leaves. They are single-celled plants that grow in clusters.

How Exactly Does Moss Damage My Shingles?

There are various ways that moss can damage your shingles and other components of the roof. The three main ones that we will talk about are how it deteriorates, absorbs, and spreads.

First, moss will deteriorate the protective oils on your shingles, making them susceptible to faster erosion, sun damage, and more growth on your roof. Without this layer of protection, the shingles will start to buckle and crack due to the sun.

Second, moss absorbs and holds water. This means that with every rain, the moss will absorb water or moisture and spread more through your roof. The more the moss spreads, then the more it will deteriorate and spread again. If the spread of moss is ignored for too long, your shingles might be ruined and would need to be replaced.

Finally, moss spreads fast and will also go under your shingles. Once it starts to spread under your shingles, it can lead to more potential problems. One problem is that moss will allow the absorbed water to penetrate your roof causing internal damage or even wood rot. This is honestly one of the worst-case scenarios that can lead to a far more expensive repair cost.

Although these are preventable, moss growth is very common and almost always ignored until it’s too late.

How To Prevent Moss Growth?

Preventing moss growth is a fairly easy process. Either you, as the homeowner, can do it yourself or you can hire a professional.

If you decide to do it yourself, just keep the roof clean. This means, removing buildup and debris on your roof and gutters. This will ensure that algae, moss, and lichen have less chance of spreading or growing.

If you would prefer not to climb on your roof, you can always hire a professional like G and Bros Roofing to remove the moss and algae buildup from your roof and gutters. A professional roof can remove all the grime, dirt, stains, moss, and algae from your roof.

If you have more questions about moss or would like a free quote, contact G and Bros Roofing a local Salisbury MD roofing contractor.

Downward view of black shingles roof installation
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